In May 2010, we reached a longterm goal and achieved Magnet status by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Sponsored and developed by the American Nurses Association, this program's goals are to promote quality healthcare services in an environment that supports professional nursing practice, identify excellence in the delivery of nursing services, and provide a mechanism for the dissemination of "best practices" in nursing care

What does this mean for you? Nurses are at the forefront of your and your family's care. If your hospital actively supports and appreciates its nurses, the nurses are more empowered to provide the best care possible. And this should make your experience easier, smoother and more comfortable.
In our work as Swedish Covenant Hospital nurses, we are supported by excellent nursing leadership, who allow us to offer you the highest quality of care. We are guided by exceptional managers and directors who are available to us in person or by phone and email almost anytime.

Our Chief Nursing Officer, Mary Shehan, earns our praise and respect every day because we appreciate her availability and presence. Mary makes a point to meet each new group of nurses at monthly orientation, and also attends our twice monthly clinical education skill validations, as well as the skill validations of nursing assistants and unit secretaries. And even when Mary is not immediately available to us, we know we can always quickly connect with someone in leadership.

Most of Swedish Covenant's nursing leaders have been here for ten or twenty years, and while their experience and skills mean they could work anywhere, they stay with us because they believe in our mission. Some of them have worked at for-profit hospitals but realized that a mission-based organization like Swedish Covenant was a better fit for them, with a more comprehensive focus on quality of care.

We're a diverse group of people who reflect the rich diversity of our neighborhood and the patients we care for, and we are united by a common set of virtues. We believe in respect, compassion, and equality, and you can feel those virtues in action behind every choice we make, and every conversation we have.

Swedish Covenant's nursing leadership is a collaborative group of dedicated professionals and caring people. They meet at least every month in a Coordinating Council, and are involved in staff participation groups, and nearly a dozen individual committees. Leadership is very visible in our hospital among staff and other departments, because Swedish Covenant's nursing leadership is a part of things at every level.

Every year we conduct a thorough nursing survey, a careful self-examination of how we work as a team, and how we can improve. The survey always tells us that we succeed in supporting our nurses' autonomy with strong management and leadership. Many on our nursing staff have been with Swedish Covenant for decades because they know they will always have the support and leadership they need to provide you with extraordinary health care, and because they believe in the mission of Swedish Covenant. As Mary Shehan says, "anything possible as long as it's done with the right intentions."

For more information about Nursing at Swedish Covenant Hospital, please call the Nursing Administration office at (773) 878-8200, Ext. 5600.
When you spend time at Swedish Covenant Hospital, you can sense that our nurses work in harmony - with each other, and with our nursing leadership, who are there working beside us every day. Our nursing leadership is very visible and intricately involved in our work, standing beside us as we care for you.

Because we are so closely connected to our managers, we feel confident that our concerns are always heard. We established a new program of shared governance, which means that beyond simply having a voice, we nurses participate even more in decision-making.

Our annual survey also gives us a chance to share our experiences, and help our leadership shape new policies and even better ways of taking care of you. After the survey, we all connect in an open forum with our Chief Nursing Officer Mary Shehan, whose high profile and accessibility make her an invaluable support to our work. Mary serves on the Executive Council and Board of Directors and also encourages other managers and directors to step in whenever possible.

Nursing leadership understands how Swedish Covenant is moving forward as a whole because they are in touch with all of us at every level. They serve on medical committees, interact with physicians and clinical staff, and help keep our collective work cohesive and efficient. Our organization's annual strategic goals are passed down through the staff and councils and are reflected in the excellent care and treatment you can expect from one of Chicago's best hospitals.

"Swedish Covenant Hospital never loses sight of the priorities of our nursing team," says Shehan. "Patient care is front and center, and nurses have to be part of that dialogue."

For more information about Nursing at Swedish Covenant Hospital, please call the Nursing Administration office at (773) 878-8200, Ext. 5600.
Swedish Covenant Hospital is a dynamic group of caring medical professionals committed to creating a healing environment for the people who entrust us with their health care. That environment is created partly because we take care of each other with the same commitment that drives us to care for you - with open communication and mutual support.

Our nurse leaders support the participation of all nurses in management as much as possible, and our nurse leaders are always visible and accessible to anyone who needs them. The feedback of all nurses is encouraged, valued, and incorporated by staff at all levels.

The basic ideas behind our management style are in harmony with the principles behind our nursing leadership - open-door policy, values of integrity and service. There is a spirit of reciprocity among us, as we've come to understand that we reflect and reinforce each others' professionalism from day to day.

We nurses respect and appreciate our Swedish Covenant Hospital management because they listen to us, support us, and respect our work. Our management operates smoothly in a natural hierarchy structure, and the presence of our managers helps us feel supported, without making us feel monitored. The professional confidence we earn from the reassuring presence of nursing leadership means you get the best health care we can give you.

We work together in a collegial atmosphere where successes are enthusiastically celebrated and issues are addressed in a professional and confidential manner. Support through open communication is key to our group success. We keep the conversation circulating through efforts like formal and informal peer review processes, "changing of the guard" shift reporting between nurses, and twice yearly open forums.

Our management's communication chain of command is clear and efficient, making sure that successes and problems receive equal consideration and discussion. That chain of command ultimately leads to our outstanding Chief Nursing Officer Mary Shehan, whose constant accessibility mean important concerns are heard by the right person at the right time.

Our nursing management operates using a model of shared governance, which allows all nurses a tremendous opportunity to participate in decision-making conversations. This professional practice model operates within the daily work environment, through formal committees, and also in councils, so ideas flow easily to the places where they can be used best. Our open and dynamic management style has a great impact on the satisfaction we feel in our nursing work. In our yearly individual and organizations evalutions, nurses tell us they find the constant presence of management reassuring and reinforcing.

For more information about Nursing at Swedish Covenant Hospital, please call the Nursing Administration office at (773) 878-8200, Ext. 5600.
Swedish Covenant Hospital's nurses perform caring, conscientious work every day because we believe in the hospital's mission, and we know the importance of providing you with excellent health care. In turn, Swedish Covenant shows us how much we are valued by offering us excellent benefits and salaries, and special rates on hospital services. We also enjoy generous vacation time, paid time off, and perks like our on-campus day care center and health club.

Since Swedish Covenant believes in helping us expand our capabilities and advance our nursing careers, they provide tuition reimbursement for any nursing classes or board certification. Our leadership also closely monitors on-the-job injuries, and they are always on the lookout for better procedures and products to support safe nursing practices.

Our flexible scheduling program allows us to customize a work load that helps us balance all of life's obligations. Some nurses prefer to be full-time, while others like to work weekends, part time, or even per diem. Since schedules are announced a month in advance, nurses can self-schedule for days off, and even once the schedule is posted, we can switch shifts with fellow nurses, thanks to the flexibility of our managers.

Nurses are involved with creating our own personnel policies in comprehensive monthly committee meetings, which are devoted to discussing how policies drive nursing practices. We also get excellent support from our HR liaison Marcia Marczewski, herself an RN.

Swedish Covenant is also very proud that our retention rate is well below the national average for turnover and vacancy rates, which is an important factor in the quality of care we offer you. Our Recruitment and Retention committee tracks those trends and strives to retain outstanding nursing professionals, and increase the number of nurses who hold specialty certifications.

For more information about Nursing at Swedish Covenant Hospital, please call the Nursing Administration office at (773) 878-8200, Ext. 5600.


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