Summer Nursing Program 2014

Criteria and Obligations of the Student:

- Student must currently be enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.
- Student must have completed at least one clinical rotation.
- Student must have and maintain a “B” average or its equivalent during the Academic Year.  
- Student will authorize the school to provide the hospital transcripts of their grades.
- Student will provide one letter of recommendation from their professor.
- Student is considered a Swedish Covenant Hospital(SCH) employee and will comply with all policies and procedures that all SCH employees are required to adhere to.  

Summer Program
Student will commit to full-time Nurse Intern Program Schedule of 8 weeks.  These weeks are 2- 4 week intervals.
- 3 (8 hour) days per week will be scheduled in the role of a nursing assistant on the home unit, working under the direction of an assigned staff nurse.  Exception is 5S (2 -12 hour day shifts).
- 1 (8 hour) day per week will be provided to “shadow” a nurse on a specialty unit. Shadow days as a Nurse Intern provides you the opportunity to “follow” a Staff RN and perform skills under the RN’s direct supervision.
- Nurse Interns may be scheduled for either the day or pm shift and will rotate at the end of the first 4 weeks. Exception is 5S
- Scheduled Nurse Interns are not part of the unit staffing grid.
- Nurse Interns hired for the Summer Program may opt into the Year-Round Program. If the Nurse Intern does not chose to continue, employment will terminate after the 8 week commitment

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Applications will be accepted February 1st through February 28th, 2014. For more information on our nurse internship program, please contact Linda Beagley at 773-878-8200, ext. 6509 or email at

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