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Swedish Covenant Hospital is proud to provide a full range of medical services to all children from birth through infancy to young adulthood. Our expert team of pediatricians, family medicine physicians, pediatric specialists, certified nurse-midwives and Magnet-recognized nursing staff are committed to the health, growth and development of every child. Our partnership with the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago ensures that all pediatric patients at Swedish Covenant Hospital receive the very highest quality care and resources available in Chicago.

Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago wants to help families be prepared with practical information when looking for a provider. To assist you with this task, we recommend that the following be considered during your search:

Expertise and Training
• Is the provider board certified in pediatrics or family practice medicine? 
• Does he or she have a subspecialty? 
• Will your child see the same pediatrician or nurse practitioner for all visits? 
• Who can you call if your child gets sick at night or on weekends? 
• Is the provider available by phone?

Hospital Affiliation
• What hospital is the provider associated with? 
• Where does he or she have 'privileges' in the event that your child is admitted? 
• Does the hospital have a pediatrics unit? 
• Is the emergency department prepared to handle children? 
• Are experts on call around-the-clock?

• What are routine child-care checks and when are they scheduled? 
• The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends checkups by one month, and at two, four, six, nine, 12, 15 and 24 months in the first two years of your child's life.

• Is the office near your home or workplace? 
• How long does it take to get there during rush hour? 
• Is parking affordable and convenient? 
• Does the practice have more than one office?

• What are the office hours? 
• Are there weekend and/or evening hours? 
• How do you make an appointment? 
• How long does it take to get a well-child appointment? 
• How long does it take to get a sick-child appointment? 
• How long do you have to wait in the office before being seen? 
• Is there a separate waiting area for sick children? 
• Does the staff seem interested and friendly to children?

• How is billing handled? 
• Is the provider listed on your insurance plan? 
• What are the costs of care? 
• Which services are covered by insurance and which are not?

To find a Swedish Covenant Hospital pediatrician, family practice physician or nurse practitioner on staff who you are comfortable and confident with, call our Physician Referral Service at 773-878-6888 or find a doctor online.

It is important for your children to see a provider regularly to make sure they grow healthy and stay well.

"Many parents only schedule a visit to a pediatrician or family practitioner when their child is ill, injured or needs an immunization," says Karin Z. Fiedler, M.D., a pediatrician at Swedish Covenant Hospital. "The fact is, well-child exams are one of the most important steps parents can take for their child's future good health."

Well-child exam visits allow providers to:
• Come to know your child as an individual. He or she can anticipate and explain how treatments and medicines will affect your child's activities and development. 
• Monitor the medicines your child is prescribed. This helps to avoid situations where two medicines will not work well when taken together. 
• Know your child's medical history and explain it to any specialists your child may need to see. A common medical history should be kept in one place and reviewed before any treatment is started. 
• Save time and effort by telling specialists if medical tests have already been performed. 
• Learn your family medical history. This can help the doctor find the best treatment when your child has health problems. 
• Keep track of vaccinations, allergies and lab results. He or she can tell specialists what they need to know. 
• Monitor your child's growth, development and well-being through regular tests and checkups.

"The well-child visit is an opportunity for the doctor to both examine the child and teach the parents," says Galina Gribovich, M.D., a family practice physician at Swedish Covenant Hospital. "The doctor can compare the child's development to previous visits and also with national baselines for child growth and development. The visit is also a chance to talk to parents about safety issues, nutrition and advances in medicine that may benefit the child."

Preparing for your child's appointment
To help your Swedish Covenant Hospital pediatrician or nurse practitioner become familiar with your child's medical history, it is helpful to bring copies of records to the first appointment.

Some examples of helpful information are:
  • Growth curves
  • Screening records (such as lead testing)
  • Vaccine records
However, if your child is medically complex, has specific health issues or takes chronic medication, your Swedish Covenant Hospital provider will need the most recent consultant notes from their current pediatrician.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

The city’s most prestigious children’s hospital may have moved downtown, but our long-standing partnership with them continues to ensure our pediatric patients receive the highest quality care and resources available close to home.

This partnership is three-fold:

1. Infants and children who are hospitalized at Swedish Covenant Hospital benefit from the expertise of pediatric specialists from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago who work on-site and are in the hospital 24/7 to assist with patient case.

2. Specialists from Lurie Children’s also practice out of the new Swedish Covenant Medical Group—Pediatric suites located in the Foster Medical Pavilion on Swedish Covenant Hospital’s campus. These board-certified specialists include:

3. Using advanced diagnostic tools and knowledge, the Swedish Covenant Hospital clinical team can quickly identify serious conditions and promptly coordinate transfers to Lurie Children’s new downtown facility when necessary.

Click here to meet Swedish Covenant Medical Group's Pediatric Team or call 773-878-3627 to schedule an appointment.

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