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Salad party!

by Kate Kinne | Dec 01, 2015
Have you ever been to a salad party?  Sounds crazy, right?!  Stay with me, it's actually really fun and you'll be so happy with the end result.

Some moms from my kids' school starting doing this and I loved the idea, so I gathered some of my favorite Galter LifeCenter Bootcampers and suggested that everyone bring a couple salad ingredients and their own mason jars for building salads.  I provided the greens (spinach and mixed greens) and a few other ingredients, and by the time everyone got their and we put the ingredients on the dining room table, we had a full salad bar.  We put the ingredients in order and everyone built their own salads, one jar at a time.  By doing so, we had salads for lunch for the week!  The order of the ingredients is important for keeping the salad fresh.  Also, by putting the dressing in first and the greens in last, when you dump it on your plate the salad is in perfect form.

You can find further instructions on Pinterest if you'd like, but here's a quick tutorial.  Fill your jar in this order.
Layer 1: Dressing and/or salsa (liquid ingredients)
2: Carrots, cukes, peppers, celery, beans, chick peas, edamame, radishes (heartier/sturdier ingredients)
3: Broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes (lighter ingredients)
4: Nuts, seeds, and cheeses,
5: Grains such as quinoa, wheatberries or farro, meats
6: Lettuce, spinach or other greens

Here are a couple of my favorite salads.
Southwest: salsa, bell peppers, black beans, corn, onion or scallion, cheddar / mexican cheese, pepitas, greens.  I add guacamole or avocado at the time that I'm going to eat it.

Mediterranean: lemon vinaigrette, cukes, tomato, onion, chickpeas, grain (farro or wheatberries, perhaps), artichokes, feta, spinach.



In order to make your salad satisfying for lunch, it's important to include some protein. Here are some ideas to bulk up your salad.

Proteins: grilled chicken, hardboiled egg, edamame, beans, nuts, cheese, seeds, grains, tuna

The holidays are upon us, and we'll all soon be stressed and confronted with many unhealthy, delicious holiday treats.  Throw together a quick salad party with your co-workers, friends or neighbors to make sure you have some easy, healthy options to choose from!  You'll be so glad you did.

Healthy Regards,