Eating Well


Fruit turkey!

by Kate Kinne | Nov 22, 2016

Have you ever noticed that the Thanksgiving table can be pretty bland looking? Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, bread, stuffing, you get the picture. Here's an idea to make your table much more colorful. Quick, you are running out of time!  Add these ingredients to your grocery list and it is sure to be a hit. If there are kids involved in your Thanksgiving plans, they will get a real kick out of helping you make this fruit and vegetable turkey!

Start with a melon, I used a cantaloupe. Slice a small section off the bottom to give it a flat base. Buy some skewers and fill them with various colored fruits. The skewers should be pretty sturdy so that you can punch them into the melon after building them. You could also include cheese hunks on the skewers, however at an already calorie-heavy dinner, I prefer to stick with just fruit. I bought a bosc pear and stuck a skewer in the back of it then stuck the other end into the melon for the head. Use raisins with toothpicks stuck through them for the eyes, a carrot piece or cheese wedge for the nose, and bell peppers for the snood and the feet.   I put about 20 or so skewers in the cantaloupe and then just made a fruit salad from the remaining pieces of fruit. I have also seen these turkey with strips of bell pepper standing up (stuck with toothpicks) representing a shorter front row of feathers.
It's almost too cute to eat, but by the end of our Thanksgiving party with friends, all that was left a cantaloupe full of stick holes. Everything else was eaten!  Gobble, gobble.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and may you take time to appreciate all that you have to be grateful for in your lives.  

Healthy Regards,