Eating Well


Make a colorful turkey with your turkeys!

by Kate Kinne | Nov 20, 2017
My littlest turkey was SO excited to make this adorable side dish to take to dinner at a friend's house this weekend.  My kids aren't big Thanksgiving food stuffing, no mashed potatoes, no sauteed veggies (whose kids are they, anyway?!).  BUT, they demolished this turkey and are looking forward to making another on Thursday.  The beauty of it is that you can put ANY of their favorite fruits, veggies, cheese, whatever.  We used blueberries, grapes, strawberries, grape tomatoes, yellow and orange bell peppers, and when we served it we fanned some cucumber rounds out around the plate too.  Apple slices would make great "feathers", as would clementine slices, peapods, broccoli crowns, and baby carrots.  I should add, however, that the adults dug right in too.  It was a great, low calorie appetizer before the main course.  We added some cheese and summer sausage to this one too, because my friend was making a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner and I was afraid my meat-loving husband would revolt.  The stuffed acorn squash she served as the entree was AMAZING, however, and with chick peas, walnuts and parmesan cheese, it was quite satisfying.  No summer sausage was needed, but it was enjoyed, nonetheless!  


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Gobble, gobble!
Healthy Regards,