Dr. Cohen Experiences World-Class Orthopedic Care Firsthand While Recovering From Hip Fracture


Cyclist Anterior Hip Replacement

As a highly competitive cyclist who rides 3,000 miles a year, Dr. Adam Cohen knows the consequences of a nasty spill. As a surgeon, he also knows the important role a caring and talented physician plays in helping riders recover. So when it came time to put a poorly healed hip fracture right, he knew exactly where to turn. 

Whether it’s a bike malfunction, a sizable pothole or another rider, accidents happen. When traveling at the speed of a competitive cyclist, these accidents can come with significant injuries. Dr. Cohen had experienced many of these over his years of cycling, including a number of fractures. 

Several years ago, Dr. Cohen suffered a hip fracture that required surgery. He healed from it with time, but never returned to feeling as good as he thought he should. Then, six months ago, the pain returned. 

“The hip grew progressively more painful,” Dr. Cohen said. “It began to reduce my ability to ride and train at the level of intensity I needed to be race ready. Eventually, the daily pain even began to affect my day-to-day life.”

During this time, Dr. Cohen joined Swedish Covenant Hospital as an eyelid and facial reconstructive surgeon. He quickly grew to know many of his colleagues and became well acquainted with the family atmosphere the hospital is known for. So when it became clear that he would need the consultation of an orthopedic specialist, he knew exactly where to go. 

“When looking for a surgeon, I know what’s important,” said Dr. Cohen. “A surgeon should be approachable, kind, have an excellent reputation and be well-versed in the latest surgical techniques. I chose Dr. Younger because he is well-known to be an excellent, highly competent and caring surgeon, as well as human being.” 

Bicyclist Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Cohen’s hip replacement was performed using the direct anterior approach. This technique does not cut through muscles or the tissue in the back of the hip, so it can lead to a quicker recovery with less chance of dislocation of the implant. Immediate full weight-bearing is allowed and most patients walk on their new hip on the day of surgery.

“The recovery has been quicker than I thought, and I was able to manage my pain without any narcotics,” said Dr. Cohen.  “I am back at work and looking forward to riding again and being fully cane free.”

“I have used this technique for almost ten years,” said Dr. Younger. “In my experience, patients are progressing much more quickly than before, with return to almost all of their previous activities.”

“Being treated at many hospitals, I can say that Swedish Covenant Hospital provided me with top notch care that exceeded many of the hospitals that cared for me in the past,” said Dr. Cohen. “I now understand why my patients praise Swedish Covenant Hospital.”

Terry Younger, M.D., is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Swedish Covenant Medical Group. His specialties include orthopedic conditions and injuries of the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. His clinical interests include joint replacement surgery, sports medicine and direct anterior hip replacements. He has more than 20 years of experience. 

Adam J. Cohen, M.D., is a board-certified ophthalmologist and a part of the medical staff of Swedish Covenant Hospital specializing in oculoplastic and facial plastic reconstructive surgery and disorders and surgery of the tear duct system. His clinical interests include eyelid reconstructive surgery, facial reconstructive surgery and neuro-ophthalmology. He has 12 years of experience.  

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By David Modica | Published May 25, 2017

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