Dr. Sarah Krishnan on Alternative Pain Management and Family Medicine

As told by Sarah Krishnan, D.O.


Meet Family Medicine Doctor Sarah Krishnan

We sat down with Family Medicine Physician Dr. Sarah Krishnan to discuss why she chose to practice medicine, what her patients and practice look like and the value of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).

Why I chose to study medicine

Top Quotation MarksWhen I took biology in eighth grade, my teacher chose me for a national youth leadership forum fellowship. We flew to San Francisco and went to an anatomy lab where we met Patch Adams. He talked about going into people’s homes and changing their lives through medicine. Learning about that process really inspired me.

That’s how I’m going to change the world. I’m going to do it one patient at a time.

My patients and practice

Choosing a family medicine doctor means that when you come to see me I can do a lot in the office. I do a lot of women’s health procedures, musculoskeletal procedures, behavioral health, depression and anxiety counseling and medication management.

Along with that, I see a lot of kids, so pediatrics has been really large part of my practice. Because I’m a D.O. and do osteopathic manipulative treatment, I also see a lot of chronic back and knee pain patients and athletes.

The value of family medicine

Family medicine is a really broad practice. Our training encompasses the full breadth of medicine, including obstetrics, geriatrics, pediatrics, sports medicine and we do rotations through pharmacology.

I’m the doctor you come to when you’re not really sure what’s going on or if you just need a checkup. If one of your family members hasn’t seen a doctor in 40 years, I would be your first stop.

Family medicine also means seeing the entire family. I can see grand kids and grandparents, nieces and nephews, and everybody comes into these big visits to help us learn about the family dynamic, which really drives my care a lot of the time. Learning about what’s going on at home, what’s going on in school and how the family really operates helps me tailor a plan for my patients.

Alternative pain management through osteopathic manipulative medicine

D.O.s get extra training in something called osteopathic manipulative treatment. We do many hours of lab training, learning about the musculoskeletal system, the interconnection of muscles and joints, fascia and how it all affects your body as a whole.

It has really augmented my practice because a lot of patients who can’t take medications can come see me for OMT. I can treat back pain in a pregnant woman without Ibuprofen or narcotics. I just do simple manipulation and massages.

The same works with my geriatric population. A lot of them should not be taking a lot of the pain medicines that they do, and I can often treat them without these medications.

Meet Family Medicine Doctor Sarah Krishnan
Sarah Krishnan, D.O., is a family medicine physician with Swedish Medical Group. Her clinical interests include women's health, behavioral health, pediatrics and osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) 

To schedule a primary care appointment with Dr. Krishnan, call 773-878-3627.

By David Modica | Published August 6, 2018
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