Swedish Hospital's Patient Portal Guidelines


  • Your email address must be on file with the hospital. If you have not already provided your email address, please email SCHPortal@schosp.org or call 773-989-1398You will receive an email with logon instructions once your account is ready to access.
  • You will need your medical record number or the last four digits of your social security number. Please note: your social security number will only work if previously provided it to the hospital. To obtain your medical record number, please call 773-989-1398.
Once you've provided your email address and know your medical record number or provided your social security number, you can now logon to your Swedish Hospital patient portal account by clicking "New User."

If you are looking for records or appointment information related to an office visit with a Swedish Medical Group doctor, nurse practitioner or other provider, visit the Swedish Medical Group Patient Portal>>