Volunteer Guidelines and Benefits

As a representative of the Volunteer Resources Department and Swedish Covenant Health, it is important that you maintain a professional attitude and appearance while you are on the Swedish Covenant Hospital campus.



Volunteers are not permitted to:
  • Smoke, chew gum, eat or drink while on duty
  • Display inappropriate acts of affection, talk loudly or laugh boisterously
  • Seek or give medical advice
  • Act as a witness or sign legal documents of any kind
  • Assist patients without permission and explicit direction from appropriate staff
  • Adjust or tamper with medical equipment


Keeping track of volunteer hours electronically is extremely important. Volunteers must sign in and out on the volunteer computer system.


While absences are inevitable, if you cannot make your assignment or you are going to be late, please call the volunteer resources department at 773 878-8200, ext. 5273.

Dress Code

It is vital that while you are volunteering you dress appropriately. Please maintain good personal hygiene (i.e. clean hands and nails and hair neatly pulled back). A volunteer jacket and I.D. badge are provided by the hospital and must be worn when volunteering. Jackets and badges may not be altered.
Volunteers are to avoid extremes in fashion, hair styling, make-up and fragrance.

The following are not part of the volunteer dress code:
  • Blue jeans or blue jean leggings
  • Shorts
  • Jogging suits
  • T-shirts with questionable verbiage
  • Open-toe shoes, sandals
  • Hospital scrubs
  • Tank tops and low-cut tops
  • Short skirts
  • Tight leggings



Volunteers are encouraged to park in the hospital's parking garage. Free parking is available to all volunteers.

Food Service

A meal ticket is provided to every volunteer each day he/she is on duty. The cafeteria is open daily (please check bulletin board for hours).

Special Discounts

Discounts are available to currently active volunteers who have successfully completed the minimum hour requirement and are continuing their volunteer service:
  • Pharmacy items are available at average wholesale cost
  • Volunteers receive a 25% discount on the self-pay portion of their hospital bill (example: if the total bill is $1,000 and insurance pays $800, the remaining $200 will be discounted 25%)
  • The hospital will pay the initiation fee required to join Galter LifeCenter. 

Contact Us

Please email Lisa Farmer at lfarmer@SwedishCovenant.org if you are interested in starting the application process.