As a community hospital, we’re inspired to care for our patients as we would members of our own family. As a family, we have stories to share. We’re committed to listening to you. 

COVID-19 Patient Stories

Telehealth Saves Jeffreys Life

Jeffery's Story

After two harrowing weeks in the hospital facing a variety of extremely serious respiratory issues, Jeffrey was recently discharged and is on the road to a full recovery

Cancer Care Patient Stories

Anas Story

Ana's Story

Swedish Hospital's Integrative Cancer Care Program helps Ana through her cancer journey.

Jacks Story

Jack's Story

Local columnist, store owner and Celtic enthusiast Jack fights prostate cancer with robotic surgery.

Katys Story

Katy's Story

Katy continues to improve wellness with Breast Cancer Fitness Support Group.

Maries Story

Marie's Story

Marie beats cancer, then helps promote life-saving screenings

Sherons Story

Sheron's Story

Sheron opts for alternative leukemia treatment.

Tracys Story

Tracy's Story

Tracy overcomes irreversible radiation side effects through hyperbaric medicine.

Victorias Story

Victoria's Story

Victoria joins Breast Cancer Fitness Support Group to improve strength.

Cardiovascular Patient Stories

Andys Story

Andy's Story

Andy recovers from quadruple bypass surgery to swim competitively again.

Ariels Story

Ariel's Story

Ariel bounces back from quintuple coronary artery bypass graft surgery to run marathons.

Joses Story

Jose's Story

After 177 marathons and two heart attacks, 77-year old Jose keeps moving thanks to cardiac rehab experts.

Juans Story

Juan's Story

Juan eases heart failure symptoms with cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Marias Story

Maria's Story

Maria narrowly avoids potential stroke through diagnosis and treatment of AFib.

Mohsens Story

Mohsen's Story

Mohsen travels across the globe for advanced heart and pulmonary procedures. 

Ralphs Story

Ralph's Story

First peripheral artery disease (PAD) rehabilitation patient touts success of program.

Stefans Story

Stefan's Story

Stefan heeds warning signs and avoids serious risks of AFib.

Childbirth Patient Stories

Betsys Story

Betsy's Story

Betsy shares her experience with centering pregnancy.

Heathers Story

Heather's Story

Heather's pregnancy was full of surprises and excellent care from her nurses.

Hilarys Story

Hilary's Story

Hilary partners with breastfeeding clinic to help son move from 1st to 75th weight percentile.

Diabetes Patient Stories

Marks Story

Mark's Story

Mark lowers A1C thanks to diabetes education.

Galter LifeCenter Patient Stories

Dans Stories

Dan's Story

Dan's active lifestyle helps him overcome difficult cancer diagnosis.

Dominikas Story

Dominika's Story

Dominika finds relief in her third trimester using prenatal massage.

Evans Story

Evan's Story

Evan finds a second family in Galter LifeCenter's Boot Camp class.

Lorraines Story

Lorraine's Story

Lorraine treats degenerative osteo-arthritis with personal training.

Maritizas Story

Maritza's Story

Maritza uses warm water therapy to regain mobility and strength following sudden injury and spine surgery.

Maurices Story

Maurice and Diane's Story

Maurice and Diane improve health and wellness with medically-minded fitness routines. 

Nicoles Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole gets a fresh start on mid-life health.

Neurosurgery Patient Stories

Bruces Story

Bruce's Story

Bruce instantly recovers from years of back pain with state-of-the-art procedure.

Christine's Story

Christine's Story

Christine frees herself from back pain to return to horseback riding.

Davids Story

David's Story

David swims laps around back pain following minimally-invasive surgery.

Gordons Story

Gordon's Story

Gordon closes the book on severe back pain with life-changing treatment.

Josephs Story

Joseph's Story

Minimally invasive spine surgery cures Joseph of debilitating back pain.

Julies Story

Julie's Story

Julie overcomes her back pain and her fear of surgery.

Kristins Story

Kristin's Story

Kristin avoids surgery through the Chicago Brain & Spine Institute and Galter LifeCenter.

Marcs Story

Marc's Story

Patient returns to active lifestyle after minimally invasive surgery with Dr. Laich.

Marys Story

Mary's Story

Mary bounces back from back pain to become a surgery spokeswoman.

Michaels Story

Michael's Story

Michael finds "keyhole" disk procedure his key to an active future.

Orthopedic Patient Stories

Marathon Runner Patient Story

Karen's Story

First time marathon runner recovers from athletic injury with minimally invasive surgery. 

Martys Story

Marty's Story

Semi-professional basketball player Marty recovers from osteoporosis and severe knee injuries.

Hip Fracture Patient

Hip Fracture Story

The patient presented to the ER with knee pain, Dr. Williams had the training and intuition to look further. 

Rehabilitation Services Patient Stories

Brians Story

Brian's Story

Brian makes full recovery following back-to-back heart attack and stroke.

Claudias Story

Claudia's Story

Claudia returns to sing and dance after serious bike accident

Daves Story

Dave's Story

Dave relearns to walk with state-of-the-art robot.

Dennys Story

Denny's Story

Denny recovers from rare autoimmune disorder to learn to walk again. 

Donnas Story

Donna's Story

Donna learns to walk again while battling MS.

Megans Story

Megan's Story

Outpatient physical therapy helps local artist Megan fight rare disease.

Nancys Story

Nancy's Story

Nancy overcomes stroke with comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation. 

Pauls Story

Paul's Story

Personalized stroke rehabilitation gets punk-rocker Paul back into the groove of his life.

Specialized Surgery Patient Stories

Alfredos Story

Alfredo's Story

Alfredo feels light as air following record-size bladder stone removal.

Vascular Services Patient Stories

Berthas Story

Bertha's Story

Bertha finds healing for chronic wound at Swedish Hospital.

Gregs Story

Greg's Story

Telemedicine robot saves 30-year-old Greg’s life after sudden surprise stroke.

Jodis Story

Jodi's Story

Jodi improves health and self-confidence following varicose treatment.

Lees Story

Lee's Story

Chicago kung-fu master knocks out pain with state-of-the-art varicose vein procedure.

Michael's Story

Michael's Story

Michael rids himself of pain and fatigue with advanced varicose vein procedure.

Mohammeds Story

Mohammed's Story

Mohammed receives treatment for blood clot just in the nick of time.

Teds Story

Ted's Story

Chicago dentist Ted gets back on his feet thanks to ClariVein procedure.

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