Summer Social

Throughout May, Swedish Hospital partnered with local community organizations to encourage community members to take small steps toward healthy habits.

On June 2, Swedish Hospital hosted a free Summer Social event on the hospital’s campus, featuring free parking, admission and family-friendly activities, entertainment and inflatables focused on fitness, nutrition, mind/body and wellness, including:

Fitness Activities


  • Zumba/Belly Dancing
  • Mini Fitness Classes
  • Rowing Competition
  • Bike Wattage Test

Nutrition Activities


  • Ask the Dietitian
  • Healthy Recipes & Food Samples
  • Green City Market

Mind/Body Activities


  • Acupuncture Sampling
  • Massage Tips and Tricks
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation

Wellness Activities


  • Pet Photo Booth
  • Healthy Habits Photo Booth
  • Physician's Table: Preventive Care and Misconceptions

View images from our 2019 Summer Social below:

IMG_1376 IMG_1320 IMG_1359 IMG_1362 IMG_1369 IMG_1351 IMG_1356 IMG_1382 IMG_1391 IMG_1396 IMG_1406 IMG_1410 IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1332 IMG_1421 IMG_1373 IMG_1496 IMG_1500 IMG_1504 IMG_1568 IMG_1594 IMG_1626 IMG_1630 rowing IMG_1433 IMG_1488 IMG_1515 IMG_1635 IMG_1652 IMG_1663 IMG_1667 IMG_1669 IMG_1673 IMG_1682 IMG_1675 IMG_1791 IMG_3798 IMG_3945 IMG_1778 IMG_3965 IMG_3991 IMG_8833 JWT3 JWT13 MedEx ambulance Purple Asparagus Robby and Molly rowing IMG_1337 Baseball Card (1) Gloria from Phyter with Jenise and Margie IMG_3947 image3 Bouncy House