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Flexible Hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Swedish Hospital's Breastfeeding Clinic provides moms with access to internationally board-certified lactation consultants and nurse practitioners in hour-long visits. At your appointment, we will weigh your baby, observe a feeding and weigh the baby again after feeding to assess milk transfer.  

Assistance for Breastfeeding Concerns

Some mothers benefit from early guidance; others may get off to a great start but find they need help later on.

  • Milk supply
  • Difficulty latching 
  • Engorgement (swollen, tender breasts) 
  • Mastitis (breast inflammation) 
  • Pain during breastfeeding
  • Pumping and returning to work
  • Slow infant weight gain
  • Tongue Tie 
  • Weaning off formula supplements
Any other medical or developmental concerns about your baby will be referred back to your pediatrician.

Unique in Chicago

We are proud to offer this intensive level of breastfeeding support when you need it most, with several important features that make our program unique in the City of Chicago, including:

  • We accept most forms of insurance, including Medicaid and many marketplace plans, and bill them directly for lactation services.
  • Visits are covered without cost sharing for families, and multiple visits are covered in most cases.
  • More than 30% of our families return for more than one visit. 
  • We welcome all moms, regardless of where they gave birth.
  • Thanks to generous donations to Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation, we will provide this service to all mothers, even those that are uninsured or otherwise unable to pay.


You may refer yourself to the clinic or be referred by your provider. Please check with your insurance to see if a physician or midwife referral is needed.

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