Vendor Relations and Supply Chain Management

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The Swedish Covenant Hospital (SCH) Supply Chain Department holds primary responsibility for the procurement of all purchased services, materials and equipment and all processes and logistics associated with this process for Swedish Covenant Hospital and affiliates. 

SCH utilizes vendors who assist us in providing high-quality services to our patients, providers and staff in a timely manner while responding to the dynamic conditions of the marketplace. The fulfillment of this mission is essential to our core values of Cost, Quality and Outcome (CQO). 

The CQO values assist us in better defining our proposition to optimize health system performance. The CQO was conceived by the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) and relates to Triple Aim, a concept created by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) intended to improve individual patient experience and general population health while simultaneously reducing the per capita cost of general healthcare. 

According to these values, the nature of any business conducted between SCH and its vendors is intended forthright to augment Swedish Covenant Hospital’s ability to care for all patients, providers and staff while fulfilling education and research missions in congruence with our corporation’s mission, values and standards.

Vendor Access
Vendors are not permitted to visit any SCH department unsolicited. All vendor representatives must make an appointment unless the purpose of the visit falls into one of the following categories:
• Routine pick-ups or deliveries
• Visits regarding a recall on a device or product
• Onsite consultation or construction under a long-term agreement. 

SCH utilizes the Vendormate program, a vendor access program that streamlines the collection and management of regulatory and compliance status information to assist in the business operations of our vendors who need access to the hospital facilities. Through the use of SCH’s Vendormate program, vendors have the ability to electronically provide us with the information we need to:
• Disclose our most recent business policies
• Assure correct vendor contact information and business capabilities
• Use state and federal sanction lists to screen vendors, representatives and business partners
• Manage access to hospital facilities and patient care areas based on training, compliance and immunization  

Vendors are prohibited from circulating information to hospital personnel utilizing hospital resources and are not permitted to place handwritten or printed signs, advertisements or materials in patient care areas or public areas of the hospital. If vendors wish to leave marketing materials that might be of interest and use to our patients, please present them to a supervisor in the appropriate department. Supervisors will use their own discretion in deciding whether or not to use the materials.

Supplier Code of Conduct 
All vendors are required to register with Vendormate.  Your registration allows Swedish Covenant Hospital to systematically gather your credentials and other relevant information on an ongoing basis. Visit to register your company and create your profile. If you have any technical questions, please click on the Support Center link at the bottom of the page. 

Always sign in and out of Vendormate when you visit a Swedish Covenant Hospital facility. 
Vendormate Kiosks are located in the lobbies of Galter Medical Pavilion (5140 N California Ave) and Anderson Pavilion (2751 W. Winona Ave). 

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Main Contacts   
Purchasing & Materials Management Department
Anderson Pavilion 2nd Floor, Suite A253
Phone: 773-907-1077
Fax: 773-878-1543

David Kranenburg, Director, Supply Chain
Tom Rand, Senior Buyer, Medical          
Janet Spina, Senior Buyer, Non- Medical

Business Associate Agreement Requirements

HIPAA requires that a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is filed with Swedish Covenant Hospital if you are doing business in a manner that may result in you or your company gaining access to patient information, including entering a patient care area. If you meet these conditions and have not executed a BAA you must immediately contact the Purchasing Department to facilitate the execution of a BAA.  

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Swedish Covenant Hospital’s Product and Equipment Recall policy dictates that medical products and devices need to be free from defects and/or malfunctions. Any recalls, hazard notices and alerts for medical products and devices issued by either the manufacturer or the government require a timely and appropriate response. All product and equipment recall notices must be immediately directed to the Purchasing Department and to all affected departments.  

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Telephone: 773-878-8200, ext. 5072 
Fax: 773-878-1543 
Email: Purchasing Department

Mail: Swedish Covenant Hospital
Attention: Kimberly Rojas
Anderson Pavilion Building
2751 W. Winona Ave., Suite A253, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60625

Procurement Policy
Standard Terms and Conditions: Swedish Covenant Hospital and suppliers must attain mutual consent on the standard terms and conditions for contractual agreements and product purchases before any vendor product or service can be utilized by SCH.  

Competitive Bid Requirement: Swedish Covenant Hospital requires competitive proposals on all products and services. All proposals undergo an evaluation which includes but is not limited to comparing the product or service to a balanced QCO. 

Contract Authorization: All contractual agreements regarding the procurement or consignment of all purchased services, materials and equipment must be signed by a member of SCH’s executive team or individuals who have received written authorization from an executive officer. All leases must be signed by either the CEO of CFO of Swedish Covenant Hospital. All contracts are exclusively managed by the Supply Chain Department. 

Purchases: All procured materials and equipment must have a purchase order. The SCH Supply Chain Department has jurisdiction over all committed funds following the issuance of a purchase order. The SCH Supply Chain Department also holds primary responsibility for the selection of suppliers and the negotiation of goods and service contracts associated with and required for patient care and operations with the exception of pharmaceuticals and select food service materials such as perishables and dried goods.

It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department of Swedish Covenant Hospital to canvas and administer bids for equipment leases, maintenance and service contracts in partnership with major stakeholders as well as to review and negotiate terms and conditions with vendors. 

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Payment Terms
Net 60 – No Deposits

Data Synchronization Requirements: UHS PSC – GTIN must be provided with catalogue number and detail packaging. 

Strategic Alignments: UMSCS, Vezient (Formerly VHA-Novation), Med Assets, Ameninet 

Future Price Increases
Swedish Covenant Hospital will continue to deny appeals for increases in vendor prices and pass-thru taxes (e.g. Medical Device Tax) as well as any loss of value including in the partnership with our GPO and distributor. Swedish Covenant Hospital’s goal is to develop cost-effective, outcome-based results for our patients, and we expect our business partners to be amenable and collaborative in assisting us in this endeavor.