Family Medicine Residency Conferences and Scholarly Activities

Didactic Experience

Four hours of mandatory protected time are dedicated each week, every Tuesday from one to five p.m. Residents participate in a variety of didactic activities including but not limited to:

  • AAFP Journal Review
  • Family Medicine Core Lectures
  • Women's Health
  • Pediatrics Focused Lectures
  • Simulations at Midwestern University
  • Resilience and Professionalism in Medicine
  • Osteopathic Manipulation and Integration into Primary Care
  • Procedure Practice 
  • Research Education and Quality Improvement Methodology and Practice
  • Family Medicine Board Review
Topics are presented by family medicine faculty and guest lecturers. Residents also have the opportunity to develop their investigatory and oratory skills by presenting topics.

Research/Scholarly Activity

Residents in Swedish Hospital's Family Medicine Residency Program are required to complete two scholarly activities to graduate, one of which is focused on quality improvement or safety. 

Residents receive guidance from faculty throughout the course of their scholarly work. Each May we hold a family medicine research symposium for residents to present their projects to their resident cohort, program leadership, the Chief Academic Officer and the VP for QI and Risk Management.

Quality Improvement (QI) 

In our program, residents learn about quality improvement processes through didactic and experiential learning. PGY-2s and PGY-3s will participate on a QI team with a longitudinal experience over 12 months with approximately one to two team meetings per month with faculty mentorship.

Examples of QI Projects:

  • Improvement of the Rate of Diabetic Patients on Statin Therapy 
  • Improving the Rate of Pneumonia Vaccination in Adults

Contact Us 

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