Family Medicine Residency Clinic

Erie Family Health Center—Foster

Erie Family Health Center is a federally qualified health center with 13 locations across Chicago. Our residents have their continuity clinic at Erie Foster Avenue, the clinic located on the Swedish Hospital campus.

Graduate Medical Education is a key focus of Erie Family Health Center’s work. They host Resident Continuity Clinics at six of their sites.

Erie Foster Avenue

  • Has over 13,000 registered patients who speak 65 different languages
  • They saw over 45,000 patients for medical, dental and behavioral health services in the 2016 fiscal year
Our family residents love their clinic experience. Our patient population is very diverse and allows for great medical exposure and training. We have great resources including on-site pregnancy case managers, health promotion educator, behavior health, pregnancy visit coordinator and more! All these resources are used by residents to help facilitate their outpatient educational experience. 


    Three to six half days of clinic
    One Erie/Community Medicine blocks


    Three to four half days of clinic
    One Erie/Community Medicine block 


    One half day of clinic 
    One Erie/Community Medicine block 

Contact Us 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Medical Education office at 773-989-3808 or