Do you know the health effects of sugary drinks?

Recently, the city of Philadelphia declared that they will apply a tax on sugary beverages. They’re not the first to implement this tax, but they are the largest and second U.S. city to do so. Aside from the potential impact on your pocketbook, the growing concern among medical professionals is the negative impact that sugar has on your body.

“Many people are unaware that consumption of sugary drinks is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic in our country,” said Muna Siddiqi, MS, RD, CDE, certified diabetes educator at Swedish Hospital. “Excessive weight gain from sugary drinks such as regular soda, lemonade, fruit punch, sweetened powdered drinks/teas and sport/energy drinks can trigger illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Hypertension, making it a public health concern.”

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By David Modica | Published June 21, 2016

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