Dr. Brown Talks Patient Philosophy,
Family Planning and Childbirth

As told by Stacy Brown, M.D.


Meet Dr. Brown OB GYN

We sat down with Stacy Brown, M.D., a board-certified OB/GYN with Endeavor Health Medical Group, to learn more about her practice and her patients. 

My Patient Philosophy

Top Quotation MarksI love talking to women about women’s health, birth control and organizing their family. 

Instead of asking someone, “What do you want for birth control?” I ask, “What do you want your family to look like? How many children do you want? What do you want the timing to look like?” Based on that, I can meet them where they are with what I offer as a physician. 

Many people are complicated when picking birth control. They may have complex medical conditions, or personal or religious concerns. They may have failed other types of contraception. I offer a well-educated depth in counseling on contraceptive options. 

My Role in Family Planning

When I say family planning, I mean determining what you want your family to look like. If a woman isn’t ready to have a family, meeting her where she is means talking to her about effective, reversible contraception. 

If you want eight or nine children, that’s great. Do you want your children spaced every two, three or four years? I can offer methods to help make that a reality. 

On the other side of family planning, if someone has been trying to get pregnant for a year, I can assess risk factors for infertility and ensure they get lined up with the appropriate resources—whether that’s holistic resources like acupuncture or something like IVF or fertility assistance. 

The Childbirth Experience at Swedish Hospital

When a patient comes in with a certain request or desire, it’s important to listen to their expectations for prenatal care and be clear about what our expectations are and what the course of care may look like. 

The same is true with the birth experience.  We want to meet together with the mutual goal of having a healthy mom and baby and having had a nice experience.  We’re open to intermittent monitoring and monitoring while walking, different positions for labor and pushing and lots of supportive care. 

We also have nitrous oxide available for pain control. We’re really trying to encourage independence for our laboring patients. 

Stacy Brown OB GYN
Stacy Brown, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN with Endeavor Health Medical Group. Her clinical interests include endometriosis, prenatal care, counseling on birth control, management of abnormal pap smears, irregular menstruation, miscarriage, polycystic ovarian syndrome and IUD and progesterone implant placement. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brown, call 773-878-7787.

By David Modica | Published April 12, 2018
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