Dr. Schumacher Opens Up About Osteopathic Medicine, Medical Technology and PC Gaming

As told by Thomas R. Schumacher, D.O.


Dr. Schumacher Osteopathic Family Medicine

We sat down with Dr. Thomas Schumacher, a board-certified family medicine physician, to learn about osteopathic medicine and why he became a physician. 

Why I chose medicine

Top Quotation MarksMy mom was a nurse when she was young but she developed a degenerative neurological disorder and lost the ability to walk when I was about four or five. I’m an only child, but I always tried to take care of her. 

Caring for people and serving the community with medicine was something that I always wanted to do. Everyone has to see the doctor eventually, so I feel like being a doctor automatically makes you an important part of the community. 

Osteopathic medicine

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.), I was taught to look at the patient as a whole. It sounds so cliché to be a holistic doctor that looks at everything—but I do, especially the importance of mental health, nutrition and exercise

With the rising opioid epidemic, I’m pleased to be a D.O. because of our training in osteopathic manipulative medicine (also known as osteopathic manipulative treatment). The first D.O., A.T. Still, was a medical doctor during the Civil War who was against pharmacology. Using massage and other techniques, he learned how to reset the spine to benefit the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, affecting the organ systems and pain.
People often come to me and ask what I can do for their back pain. I can hopefully fix the muscle spasm or reset the bones in their lower back.

Medical technology

I love medical technology. Our Patient Portal allows us to communicate with our patients very easily. I can quickly address a patient’s concerns or put in a new prescription and patients can access a list of their medications from anywhere. 

In terms of other technology, the Fit Bit is a great way to keep track of how many steps you’re taking and I know there’s some technology coming out to help keep track of medications that need to be taken at very specific times. Using an app that reminds you to do that could definitely save some lives. 

Personal details

I love animals. My girlfriend is a vet down in Lakeview. We have two cats that we adore and spoil the pants off of. 

Bottom Quotation marksI also love video games. I’m a huge PC gamer. I’m not up on what kids are watching these days. I didn’t know what a fidget spinner was for six months. But by playing many of the same games, we can connect more easily. 

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Thomas, R. Schumacher, D.O., is a board-certified family medicine doctor with Endeavor Health Medical Group. His clinical interests include preventive medicine, women’s health and osteopathic manipulation. 

To make a primary care appointment with Dr. Schumacher, call 773-631-2223.

By David Modica | Published March 1, 2018
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