From Global Travel to Family Medicine:
Dr. Kathleen Maloul

As told by Kathleen Maloul, M.D.


Dr. Maloul Family Medicine Doctor

We sat down with Dr. Maloul, a board-certified family medicine physician with Endeavor Health Medical Group, to learn more about who she is, why she chose medicine and why she chose to practice at Swedish Hospital. 

A Volkswagen Van and My Passion for Language

Top Quotation MarksI was born in Ecuador while my father was serving as a missionary doctor. What I remember most about that time is traveling to different villages all over the country with my father in a VW van that had been converted into a mobile clinic. 

While we were in Ecuador, my parents sent me to a local school that taught half of its lessons in Spanish. I learned the language at a very young age, and I speak it fluently today. 

In 1971, my father was asked to pilot a program in Nigeria starting rural health clinics manned by local villagers. There were no hospitals at the time, so there was a great need. Although English is the national language of Nigeria, the surrounding countries speak French. I was taught French at the boarding school I attended, which sparked my passion for the language. 

Following My Father's Footsteps

My father was my role model. We came back to America in 1976, and shortly after I began my journey into medicine at St. Olaf College before completing medical school at Rush University. 

When I became a resident at Swedish Hospital in 1987, I saw family medicine physicians delivering babies and assisting in C-sections in addition to providing primary care to families. I fell in love with the specialty.   

Family medicine is about taking care of the whole person and extended families from birth to death and everywhere in between—grandparents, parents, kids and newborns. I currently have a 107 year old patient who comes in for annual checkups, and on the other hand I deliver some of the children of patients I saw for pediatrics years ago!  

I love to serve the underserved population. One day I got a call from Jewish Child and Family Services asking if I’d be willing to take a client and of course I said yes. The client worked out and they just kept coming! I still see many of them to this day. 

This is My Community

It's essential to the community that Swedish Hospital remains community-based. It means our physicians have a voice, and I've received many opportunities to teach health topics in Spanish at local schools, which is always really fun. 

This is my community. I live in Skokie. Many members of my extended family live within blocks of my home, which is a huge blessing. 

Dr. Maloul Kayaking edited

I love my neighborhood. Living near theBottom Quotation marks Skokie lagoons gives me the opportunity to go kayaking as often as time allows between work and family, which has included raising four children over the years. It’s become my greatest hobby and my peaceful getaway. 
Kathleen Maloul, M.D., is a board-certified family medicine physician with Endeavor Health Medical Group. Her clinical interests include pediatrics, chronic disease and women's health.

To schedule a primary care appointment with Dr. Maloul, please call 773-293-8788.

By David Modica | Published December 13, 2016
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