Meet Internal Medicine Doctor Oleh Terleckyj

As told by Oleh Terleckyj, M.D.


Meet Dr. Terleckyj

We sat down with Dr. Terleckyj to learn how close relationships at Swedish Hospital helps him deliver the highest quality primary care to his patients. 

Continuity of care for patients

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As a physician with Endeavor Health Medical Group, I am able to maintain a traditional practice. That means that in addition to seeing patients in my office, I can also admit them to Swedish Hospital and round on them during their stay. 

I see my patients when they’re coming out of surgery, when they’re having a procedure done and when they need guidance throughout their care. I’m seeing them in the office, in the hospital and then back in the office. That continuity of care helps maintain a strong patient-doctor relationship.  

The importance of physician collaboration

The collaboration among physicians at Swedish Hospital is great. I can pick up my phone and talk to the specialists and get answers right away. 

If my patient is admitted to the hospital and I visit their room, I’m often seeing their specialist right there. This is excellent for patients and their families because they get to hear from their primary care doctor and the specialist at the same time. 

This familiarity with the other doctors and my patients enables us to put things together faster and get answers quickly. Knowing other medical professionals personally is key.

Oleh Terleckyj, M.D., is a board-certified internal medicine doctor with Endeavor Health Medical Group whose clinical interests include preventive medicine. He speaks English and Ukrainian and has 31 years of experience. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Terleckyj online or call 773-878-3627.

By David Modica | Published February 15, 2019
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