Meet Dr. Ruheena Khan

As told by Ruheena Khan, D. O.


Meet Dr. Khan

We sat down with Ruheena Khan, D.O., a family medicine physician with Endeavor Health Medical Group to learn more about her philosophy and practice.

Creating Meaningful Relationships With My Patients

Top Quotation MarksMy approach to taking care of patients involves creating meaningful relationships. That means listening to them, partnering with them and making sure we address all of their acute concerns as well as their chronic diseases. 

I also believe in evidence-based medicine. Looking at the latest research and making sure we know what is available to better help our patients.

Treating Patients of All Ages

Family medicine doctors are unique in that we can take of patients throughout their whole life. That can include newborns, whom we see on their first day of life, and pediatric patients, whom we see for immunizations and for school physicals, as well as adults and geriatric patients. 

When you see a family doctor and you really connect with them, you can keep going back to them throughout your entire life.

Preventive Care

A good way of thinking of family doctors is as your anchor. You can see family medicine doctors when you are doing well so that when you get sick we already know your history and what medications you take, which helps us manage your acute symptoms effectively. 

Family medicine doctors also coordinate your care. They evaluate you and determine if you need to see a specialist. They see you as a whole person rather than a single problem that a specialist may be treating you for.

Mental Health

As family medicine doctors, we also focus on mental health. When it comes to mental health, that's when it's important to partner with the patient to make sure we address their concerns.

Most people think that they need to see a psychiatrist, but that's not actually the case. We have the ability to start patients on medications for their mental well-being when they visit us. If it gets complicated or they feel like the medications we are trialing aren't working, we can certainly send them to a psychiatrist at that time. 

Medications aren't always the answer. Sometimes talk therapy and counseling will help the patient. In those situations I would be the person who coordinates the care. 

Khan, Ruheena

Ruheena Khan, D.O., is a board-certified family medicine physician with Endeavor Health Medical Group. Her clinical interests include chronic diseases, preventive medicine, women's health and mental health. She speaks English Hindi, Urdu. 


By David Modica | Published March 10, 2020
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