Dominika Finds Relief in Her Third 
Trimester Using Prenatal Massage 


Third Trimester Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy is about more than relaxation. When Dominika was in the third trimester of her second pregnancy, she came to Kayla Kulans, a clinical massage therapist at Swedish Hospital’s Galter LifeCenter, to relieve some of the stress and strain that pregnancy invariably causes on one’s body.           

During the last seven weeks of her pregnancy, Dominika was treated with one hour massages once a week. The results were immediate; Dominika reported that she fell asleep more easily, stayed asleep for longer, had less aches and pains and was able to get up from a sitting or lying posture with ease. “Her husband told me that she was also in a noticeably better mood,” Kayla said.              

Happy with the results, Dominika continued to come to Kayla even after her son was born. “Her lower back, hips, neck and shoulders needed loosening as the result of being in a distorted position for several months,” Kayla said. With the help of the postnatal massages, Dominika was able to complete a rapid, quality recovery. 

Perhaps an unforeseen result was the effect that the prenatal massages had on her baby post-birth. “For the first several months, the baby was calmer, quieter and slept much better than her first child had—which she credited to the massage,” Kayla said.

Dominika’s decision to seek prenatal massage was a gift that kept on giving. In addition to providing ease when she needed it during her pregnancy, it also resulted in an improved quality of rest for her baby. As everyone knows, a happy child is a happy home. 

kayla-kulansKayla Kulans is a clinical massage therapist at Swedish Hospital’s Galter LifeCenter. Her care philosophy is that everyday aches and pains can be alleviated using therapeutic massage and regular fitness. She has been an employee since 2013.

To learn about clinical massage therapy at Galter LifeCenter, or to schedule a massage, call 773-878-9936, ext. 5660.

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By David Modica | Published October 27, 2015
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