Mohammed Receives Treatment for Blood Clot
Just in the Nick of Time


Mohammed Receives Treatment for Blood Clot Just in the Nick of Time

When Northside resident Mohammed S. started to feel severe pain while walking just a few steps at a time, he knew something was wrong. Luckily, he lived right by Swedish Hospital and was able to make it to the emergency room right away. Perhaps even luckier was the fact that Dr. Michael Shao had the specialty to get him back on his feet in no time.

The Emergency Department team performed an ultrasound on Mohammed’s leg but the results were inconclusive. While observing Mohammed, Swedish Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bruce McNulty felt that despite the results, Mohammed’s symptoms were extremely concerning. A CT scan scheduled as a follow up to the ultrasound found a blood clot in his leg that was causing extremely dangerous and significant arterial blockage. 

“We are so thankful that Dr. McNulty took the time to thoroughly search for the cause of the pain even after the initial tests didn’t show anything,” said Mohammad’s wife Hina. “His experience and persistence helped identify the blocked artery before it became even more serious.”

To dissolve some of the clot and open the artery to blood flow, Mohammed underwent a thrombolysis procedure. Using clotbusting medicine, Dr. Adam Finkelstein, a board-certified diagnostic and interventional radiologist and an independent member of the medical staff at Swedish Hospital, relieved some of the pain and prevented the threat of immediate danger.

To resolve the underlying condition, the remainder of the clot had to be removed surgically. Michael Shao, a board-certified vascular surgeon with Endeavor Health Medical Group, performed the procedure. 

“Dr. Shao explained everything and was great before, during and after the procedure,” said Mohammed. “It was a long surgery but they kept us informed throughout the process” said Hina. “We are very thankful for Dr. Shao and all the doctors and nurses who took care of us, including all the staff in ICU and the 6th floor and 4th floor. 

“Dr. Shao is very approachable and even provides his cell number for patients to contact him which was great as we called him often,” Mohammad added. “We are so thankful for him and everyone at Swedish Hospital for providing expert care in a friendly, neighborly way.”

While Mohammed continues his recovery, Dr. Shao actively monitors his return to health by anticipating and avoiding any complications or regressions. The experience was so positive that Hina, who is studying to become a nurse, decided that she would like to join Swedish Hospital's nursing staff upon completing her degree. 

Michael Shao, M.D., is a board-certified vascular surgeon with Endeavor Health Medical Group. His specialties include vascular surgery and wound care. 

To learn more about the Vascular Services offered at Swedish Hospital, please call 773-878-6888.

By Bill Ligas | Published October 26, 2016

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