Mohsen Travels Across the Globe for
Advanced Heart and Pulmonary Procedures


Advanced Heart Procedure

After living in Chicago, Mohsen A. retired to Thailand. Sometime after settling there, he began to experience pain in his calves that grew worse over time.  Despite the distance from his old home and at the age of 71, he chose Swedish Hospital for treatment.

Mohsen’s pain was due to artery blockages in both of his legs. The discomfort continued to progress, and soon he was unable to walk more than 25 meters at a time without extreme pain. 

He wanted to have the procedure done in the U.S., and he began looking for options, including Swedish Hospital, where he had a history of positive experiences. “My first child was born there in April, 1975,” he said. “We received an excellent, high level of care and expertise before, during and after the birth.”

Mohsen called Michael Shao, M.D., a board-certified vascular surgeon with Endeavor Health Medical Group, long distance to discuss his case. The two agreed on a plan of care and Dr. Shao scheduled an appointment with him despite a tight schedule.

“I knew Dr. Shao was the best vascular surgeon for the procedure,” he said. “I could have received treatment in Thailand, but it’s not as advanced as what Dr. Shao offers. He and his staff made a difference in my life before I even came over. Just talking with them on the phone put me at ease and confirmed that he was who I wanted to treat me.”

The trip to America was a long one. After a 12.5 hour flight and more than 30 hours total in transit, he arrived in Chicago. Shortly after, Dr. Shao completed an ultrasound and CT of his legs to determine his anatomy and the best course of action. 

“Some of the right leg’s blockage was behind my knee, around the tendons,” he said. “Dr. Shao told me that if he inserted a stent it would not be effective for long. Instead, he suggested a bypass operation.”

In preparation for the procedure, Dr. Shao referred Mohsen to a board-certified 
interventional cardiologist with Endeavor Health Medical Group, to complete a cardiovascular screening. During a routine stress test, the doctor discovered that Mohsen was unknowingly suffering from an undiagnosed form of heart disease. 

The discovery came at the perfect time. Mohsen had to extend his stay in Chicago, but the slight inconvenience was well worth it. He could correct both problems affordably while in America. A cardiac stent and a left leg stent were completed shortly after a diagnosis, and Dr. Shao completed a right leg bypass just over a week later. 

A post-operative visit with Dr. Shao showed that he was well enough to return to Thailand in much better health than when he had left. In addition to preventing the possible effects of heart disease, he went home without pain and without limits.  

“As soon as I have the money to return to Chicago to visit my family, I will visit both [doctors],” said Mohsen. “I want to show them how well I am doing and tell them how much I appreciate all that they have done for me.”

Michael Shao, M.D., is a board-certified vascular surgeon with Endeavor Health Medical Group. His specialties include vascular surgery and wound care.

To learn more about the Vascular Services offered at Swedish Hospital, please call 773-878-6888.

By David Modica | Published August 31, 2016

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